True Confessions of a Tweak Coder

Have you ever felt yourself struggling to get through encyclopedia-thick manuals on PHP and programming in general? It's frustrating, isn't it? There is a better way. If you've tried time and time again to figure out programming but have been less than successful, still there is a way you too can create scripts of your own.

Many self-made online marketers, past and present, have been known to tweak the code of their web scripts to fit it into their sites better. Tweak coding, on the other hand, takes it a lot farther! Personally, I didn't start out coding like a pro. Progressively, though, despite various obstacles, it started coming to me. Just like a puzzle, the pieces began to fall into place. It's the same puzzle you very likely are trying to put together.

True Confessions of a Tweak Coder reveals that puzzle, piece by piece.

You don't have to read very far to see that the Ebook will demystify the entire process! If you can learn HTML, then you can create web scripts.

You'll learn the same steps I use to create my own web scripts eproducts. You'll learn the method that enables me to take a barebones snippet of code or script and transform it into a highly-regarded product.

You don't need to struggle with the same things I struggled with. You'll read about these struggles and about how I transcended them. How does this relate to you? You can learn from my mistakes and move on to the very steps that will help you on your way.
Whether you're code-illiterate, lacking in confidence, bombarded with ideas, or simply don't know where to start, this Ebook will provide you with the closest thing to a non-coder blueprint that there is!

Number of pages: 17
Format: PDF Ebook
Printable: Yes
File Size: 560kb approx.
Download Now : £1.95

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