Text-Book of Wrestling - Ernest Gruhn

Classic Wrestling Book. Illustrated with 42 black and white photos of the holds and throws described.

Chapter One
Points for Beginners and Hints on Training:

The Back Heel
The Hank Or Grape Vine
The Outside Stroke
The Hipe Or Hype

Chapter Two
Useful Standing Holds:

Taking Hold
Block To Waist Grip
Head and Crotch Throw
Chancery and Swing Over
Waist Hold
Arm Hold and Back Heel
Another Arm Throw And Counter
A Parry To The Arm Throw
A Standing Half-Nelson
Side Arm Lever Hold
A Block To The Leg Grip
The Crotch Hold
Waist Hold Counter To Knee Grab
A Knee Grip Counter To Waist Hold
The 'Halch' or Head Throw
The Double Bridge
The Cradle hold
The Buttock and Counter

Chapter Three
Which Deals With Ground Work

A Standing Throw following a mat safety dive
Further Wrist and Crotch Hold
The Leg Half-Nelson
Offside or Further Half-Nelson
Counter To Further half-Nelson
Counter To Half-Nelson
Following A Half-Nelson Hold
Half-Nelson and foot hold
Half-Nelson Counter To Ground Leg Hold
Ground, Head and Further Shoulder Hold
Half-Nelson and Leg hold
A Smashing Fall
An Escape from a Further Shoulder Grip
Ankle Hold Counter To Double Leg Hold
Counter and Re-Counter To Neck and Leg Chancery Holds
A Favourite Hold Of mine
A Clever Counter To A Double Leg Ground Hold (Relwyskow)
A Ju-jutsu Throw
Waist And Neck Ground Hold
Various Under Grips
Ground Head Chancery
A Counter To A similar Hold Standing Position

Number of pages: 99
Format: PDF Ebook
Printable: No
File Size: 23mb approx.
Download Now : £4.95

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