VIOLIN MASTERY Talks with Master Violinists and Teachers

VIOLIN MASTERY Talks with Master Violinists and Teachers: Comprising interviews with YSAYE, KREISLER, ELMAN, AUER, THIBAUD, HEIFETZ, HARTMANN, MAUD POWELL and others to discuss esthetic and technical phases of the art of violin playing in detail, their concept of what Violin Mastery means, and how it may be acquired. First Published in 1919


EUGÈNE YSAYE – The Tools of Violin Mastery
LEOPOLD AUER – A Method without Secrets
EDDY BROWN – Hubay and Auer: Technic: Hints to the Student
MISCHA ELMAN – Life and Color in Interpretation. Technical Phases
SAMUEL GARDNER – Technic and Musicianship
ARTHUR HARTMANN – The Problem of Technic
JASCHA HEIFETZ – The Danger of Practicing Too Much. Technical Mastery and Temperament
DAVID HOCHSTEIN – The Violin as a Means of Expression
FRITZ KREISLER – Personality in Art
FRANZ KNEISEL – The Perfect String Ensemble
ADOLFO BETTI – The Technic of the Modern Quartet
HANS LETZ – The Technic of Bowing
DAVID MANNES – The Philosophy of Violin Teaching
TIVADAR NACHÉZ – Joachim and Léonard as Teachers
MAXIMILIAN PILZER – The Singing Tone and the Vibrato
MAUD POWELL – Technical Difficulties: Some Hints for the Concert Player
ALEXANDER SASLAVSKY – What the Teacher Can and Cannot Do
TOSCHA SEIDEL – How to Study
EDMUND SEVERN – The Joachim Bowing and Others
ALBERT SPALDING – The Most Important Factor in the Development of an Artist
THEODORE SPIERING – The Application of Bow Exercises to the Study of Kreutzer
JACQUES THIBAUD – The Ideal Program
GUSTAV SAENGER – The Editor as a Factor in “Violin Mastery”

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