Texas Holdem Poker Guide

Are You Tired of Being Beaten and Embarrassed at the Poker Table?



Wouldn't you like to surprise all of your poker buddies and pull off the surprise victory at the next poker night?


Let me ask you a question - what's better than playing poker with the buddies?

Think about it: sitting in your basement with your closes friends, the smell of cigars in the air, sipping on your beverage of choice, passing out the cards, collecting those chips.

I really can't think of a better way to pass my Thursday nights.  But the truth is, I used to dread Thursdays.  Why?  Because I couldn't play poker to save my life!

Sure, I'd run into a winning hand now and then - but that was just blind luck.  I hardly knew what a Full House was.

I was tired of losing and feeling like I was wasting my time - So I did something about it.  I started researching - learning what the best hands are, how to pick up the tells of my buddies.  Everything I needed to know to go from perpetual loser - to the one to beat!

My friends noticed I was starting to play better, but I played it off like it was just plain luck.  Then one day . . .

I shocked them all by Beating out the Best Player!

Everyone wanted to know how I improved so much in so little time.  But my lips were sealed . . . 

Until Now!


For the first time, I am sharing exactly what I learned to take my game from being the worst player in the room to winning just about every game.

  • Strategies that have won me hands I had no business winning in the first place . . .

  • Exactly what you need to learn to improve your game - from your position at the table to Heads Up play

  • And Much More . . .


Here's just a few things you'll discover with this comprehensive guide . . .


Texas Hold ‘Em: From Start to Finish

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker has taken the gaming world by storm over the past few years.  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned vet, there are always a few tips that you can use to improve your game.  Texas Hold ‘Em Poker: A Beginners Guide does much more than simply supply basic background information to interested players.  It dives deep into the heart of the game so that when you are done reading it you are ready to compete with the pros.  There is no reason to settle for knock off imitation guides when this is all that you will ever need in order to get started in the exciting, and profitable world of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker.


Know the Rules

Don’t jump into the world of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker without knowing the rules.  We outline everything that you will need to know in order to have an excellent foundation for success.  Whether you are playing with your friends, or wanting to compete at the professional level, you will want to read the rules section of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker: A Beginners Guide.  This will ensure that you are never out in the dark again during an intense game of Texas Hold ‘Em.


Strategize Like a Pro

Knowing strategy is one of the most important aspects of winning at Texas Hold ‘Em Poker.  And let’s face it; if you do not learn through our e-book how else are you going to learn?  It would take you hundreds of games of embarrassment and heartache to learn half of what we will show you in Texas Hold ‘Em Poker: A Beginners Guide.


Talk the Talk

To understand and win at Texas Hold ‘Em Poker you need to be able to talk the talk.  By going into a game verbally unarmed you will feel lost.  Our guide will give you a run down on the terminology that you are likely to hear during your next game.  This way, the next time somebody calls you a “river rat” you will have know exactly what they are getting at…


Walk the Walk

A lot of people find that Texas Hold ‘Em Poker is difficult to play because of all the situations that can arise during the course of a game.  If this sounds like you, you can put all of these thoughts out of your head.  Texas Hold ‘Em Poker: A Beginners Guide offers information on the basics of bluffing, checking, and betting.  Of course there are no “set” rules on how to do this, but with the information that we supply you will never again have to guess on which way to play a hand.  The best way to walk the walk and win the pot is by knowing what you are doing.  This e-book will show you all that you need to know in order to rush past amateur status and move onto playing like a pro.


Know your Hand

Just like any other game, if you do not know how to win you are not going to be successful.  In a game of Texas Hold ‘Em, the hand rankings are just like they are for every other poker game.  Knowing your hand and what it beats will up your chances of taking home the cash.


Read your Opponents

You can be the best player at the table when it comes to your own hand, but if you don’t know how to read your opponent you might as well chalk up a loss on the board.  Texas Hold ‘Em Poker: A Beginners Guide gives you all the tricks to reading your opponent, and learning how to pick up on their tendencies.  We will tell you the difference between a player that looks away when they make a bet, from a player that is quick to raise the pot.  By knowing how to read the other players at the table you will increase your odds of winning every hand!

Did you think that your Math Days were over?

If you want to be successful at Texas Hold ‘Em you need to know how to quickly figure your odds of winning during every hand.  This is one trait that every professional has, and one that you will want to learn from the beginning.  This e-book will give you the standard formula for figuring out your odds of winning every hand.  In addition, you will also be supplied with several sample hands that will allow you to get a feel for what you will see at the table.


Take your Game Online

So you don’t feel like you are ready to play with the big boys at the table yet?  No problem!  Texas Hold ‘Em Poker: A Beginners Guide gives you all of the tips that you will need in order succeed online.  Playing online requires a slightly different style than playing at the tables.  If you do not adjust your game, you will end up losing in the end.  Let us teach you how to tweak your mind set so that you can dominate your online competition!

Don’t like to Read?  Listen to win!

If you are thinking to yourself that you do not have time to read an e-book on Texas Hold ‘Em Poker you are not alone.  Many people love poker, but don’t want to put in the time and effort of reading through the pages.  Luckily, we offer an alternative to anybody that feels this way. 

When you order Texas Hold ‘Em Poker: A Beginners Guide you will also be able to download a high quality audio recording.  This does two things: eliminates the need for you to read the book, and allows you to learn how to be a top notch player at any time of the day.  You could even burn it to cd and listen to Texas Hold ‘Em Poker: A Beginners Guide on your way home from work so that you can dominate your weekly poker night with the guys!

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker: A Beginners Guide is a necessity for anybody that wants to take their game to the next level. 

Read it, listen to it, but don’t miss it!!!

Format: MP3 Audio
Length: 53 minutes approx.
Total File Size: 55mb approx.


Download Now : £9.95

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