Art of Organ Playing – by Edwin H. Lemare

Taken from the introduction:
“…I submit these sentences for the benefit, I hope, more especially of the advanced student, who has reached the stage when he desires to study a more orchestral form of organ-playing – a more realistic and life-like style, calling for individuality, accent, and soul, as distinguished from the colourless, expressionless, and monotonous interpretations too often heard.
Of course, the first thing requisite is an instrument so designed that these things are made possible. One must have a perfect action in the way of response and touch, nicely-balanced Swell pedals, perfectly sound-tight Swell boxes, a practical arrangement of stops, interchangeable combinations, Willis pedal board (not any of the absurd and unnecessary modifications of same, so frequently to be met with), foot and thumb pistons, full compass of manuals and pedals, good Tremulants, “Celestes ” and soft string-toned stops, &c. Much, however, is possible on organs which do not contain all the above-mentioned requisites, except, I fear, the balanced Swell pedal, which in my view is an absolute necessity to any artistic rendering of a composition calling for expression or independent “light and shade” on the various manuals……”

Topics Covered:

Stop Combinations
Manipulation of Stop Knobs
Tempo Rubato
Orchestral Effects

Number of pages : 14
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