Success With Poultry – 900 Questions and Answers

Over 900 Questions and Answers containing Practical Advice on Eggs, Feeding, Chicks, Housing, Diseases, Incubators and Brooders, Turkeys, Ducks and Geese.

Find Out:

  • Why board floors may not be the best flooring for your poultry housing.
  • The length of time a healthy chick will normally take to emerge from its shell after it is pipped, and whether or not you should help a struggling hatching chick.
  • How soon after mating the breeding birds the eggs will prove fertile.
  • A recipe for Whitewash which can be used to cover the inside and outside of your poultry housing.
  • The value of onions as a food for fowls
  • A recipe for chick food
  • The effect unfertile eggs in the incubator will have during a hatch.
  • Remedies to aid in curing chicks of diarrhoea.
  • A simple old fashioned recipe that can be used in the treatment in cholera and similar diseases.
  • Methods for preventing and removing lice.
  • At what stage chicks should be taken from a mother hen
  • How very small chicks can best be resuscitated when they have been caught out of the brooder in a heavy rain and are wet and chilled to the point where they are apparently dead.

and lots more!

The beginner and amateur poultry keeper will find a wealth of valuable information within this classic poultry raising guide that can be referred to time and time again.

Number of pages : 125
Format : Digital Book in PDF format
Printable : Yes
File Size : 910kb approx.

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