Are You Ready To Quit Smoking For Good?



Finally, A Book That Reveals the Secrets to Quitting - Once and For All!

re you tired of being ostracized, forced to sit in the worst restaurant locations, pushed outside in sub-zero or smoldering weather? 

Are you ready to save not only hundreds of dollars every month, but also your health, well-being and life? 

Have you tried Nicotine gum, the patch and willpower, only to fail time-and-time again? 

It’s time you quit smoking for good – for yourself, your family and everyone around you. We understand your struggles, and we can help.

The amazing new, one-of-a-kind book ‘Stop Smoking For Good!’ was written with you in mind. Like most smokers, you probably struggle to find the right time, the right method and precisely the right way to give up that nasty habit. If quitting were easy, nobody would smoke. But its not. It’s an addiction that’s extremely difficult to break.

The new, information-packed book ‘Stop Smoking For Good!’ can make the process a bit more bearable. We show you the dangers, help you find the right plan and help you stay on that plan for life. Are you ready to start a new and improved life? Don’t waste another second. Do this for yourself. Act now! 


Stop Smoking For Good! shows you:

  • Why you smoke – the causes, motives and incentives

  • Why you should stop smoking – both the good and bad behind the habit

  • Ways to prepare yourself to quit for good – and finally succeed

  • Finding the right time to quit to ensure total success

  • How to become a non-smoker and ways you can adjust to your new lifestyle

  • Tricks and techniques you can use to stay smoke-free forever

  • Plus More!

Learn The Real Truth About Nicotine . . .

And Discover Healthy Ways To Survive Painful Withdrawal Symptoms

You may already know that the three main reasons people smoke are:

  1. Their addiction to nicotine
  2. Habit perpetuation
  3. Peer pressure

But do you also know how to overcome these three powerful incentives?  Do you know exactly what nicotine does to your heart, your brain and your blood pressure, and why this has such a powerful – and deadly – affect on the human body? Take control, today!

One drag of Nicotine will give you an immediate lift, but it can also cause some of the most unbearable, intolerable withdrawal symptoms around. These symptoms – irritability, anger, over-eating, depression, constipation, headaches and drowsiness – will deter even the strongest person from quitting. How can you get through these without going mad? Will they eventually subside? Will you ever stop craving cigarettes or tobacco? You may be surprised at the answers we reveal!

Finding An Alternative . . .

And Charting Your Path To Long-term Health

Did you know that every year, around 438,000 people die in the US from tobacco use? That’s an amazing statistic. Read it once more: around 438,000 people die in the US from tobacco use every year! As a smoker, you’re not alone. Furthermore, as someone who wants to quit the habit, you’re also in good company. Thousands of men and women have suffered through the same withdrawal symptoms and have won the painful battle against addiction. You can too! We’ll show you ways to cope and maintain your sanity through the process. We’ll explain tactics that have helped others, just like you, quit smoking for good.

‘Stop Smoking For Good’ first helps you understand the physical, cultural, psychological and social factors that push us to continue the habit. Once you understand the root cause, you’re better equipped to tackle your problem and find healthier substitutes. We’ll explore alternate ways of fitting in, identifying, managing stress, passing time, rewarding yourself and improving concentration.

When you break the habit, you can:

  • Improve your appearance and reduce wrinkles

  • Bolster your overall health

  • Recover your sense of smell and taste

  • Strengthen your heart

  • Diminish your risk of cataracts, bad breath, mouth ulcers, teeth and gum staining, asthma, hypertension, bloodshot and itchy eyes, erectile dysfunction and conception problems

  • Ensure a healthy environment for your children, reduce their risk of asthma and asthmatic bronchitis

  • Protect those around you from the risk of lung cancer and heart disease

  • Plus so much more!

Stop Smoking for Good Audio Book!

When you order the Stop Smoking for Good book,
you'll also be able to download a high quality audio recording! 
Put it on your ipod. Burn it to CD.
You'll be able to listen to this book in your car going to work, while you take the dog
for a walk, while you're making dinner - just about anywhere!


Learn How Quitters Do It

And How You Can, Too!

Preparation is a critical part of any large endeavor. Quitting smoking is no different. In ‘Stop Smoking For Good’, we guide you step-by-step through the process. We tell you what you should expect, what symptoms and feelings are normal and ways to overcome the most common obstacles. This ebook shows you how fast you can expect changes in your body, what happens after just 20 minutes, two days, a week and even a year of non-smoking. When you know what’s in store for you, you’re more prepared to face hardship and temptation.

Many people feel powerless. You don’t want to gain weight or become unproductive. What sets the quitters apart from those that try repeatedly, over and over again, only to fail? Download ‘Stop Smoking For Good’, right now, and take control of your life, your body and your future! You’re just minutes away from nearly 50 pages of guidance, information and lessons that can truly change your life. Do it for yourself. Act now!

Format: MP3 Audio & PDF Ebook
Length: 1 hour 10 minutes approx.
File Size: 105mb approx.

Download Now : £9.95


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