Wagner, Richard Composer of Operas – John F. Runciman

Chapter I Early Life
Chapter Ii Early Boyhood
Chapter Iii Early Life (Continued)
Chapter Iv Juvenile Works
Chapter V Paris
Chapter Vi ‘Rienzi’ And ‘The Flying Dutchman’
Chapter Vii Dresden
Chapter Viii ‘Tannhäuser’
Chapter Ix ‘Lohengrin’
Chapter X Exile
Chapter Xi ‘Tristan And Isolda’
Chapter Xii ‘The Mastersingers Of Nuremberg’
Chapter Xiii King Ludwig
Chapter Xiv ‘The Nibelung’s Ring’ And The Rhinegold’
Chapter Xv ‘The Valkyrie’
Chapter Xvi ‘Siegfried’
Chapter Xvii ‘The Dusk Of The Gods’
Chapter Xviii ‘Parsifal’; The End; The Man.

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