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Why do some people get the interview and job, while others with the same credentials, fail? What are the secrets to landing interview after interview? Do you want to stand out in the crowd of candidates? Are you struggling to find the best way to write your resume or do you simply need that extra edge in the down economy? We give you all of these answers and more!

Most of us are modest. Because the work we do every day comes easily, it becomes routine and familiar. Unfortunately that very familiarity and ease can lead to critical omissions in our resume. What exactly should you put on your resume, and how should you phrase it? What should a cover letter say? Who should you direct your resume to within the company? All of these answers and more are revealed in one, comprehensive ebook:

Writing Attention-Grabbing Resumes: How To Write Resumes That Get Noticed, And Get You The Interview

We've gathered the most important facts and amazingly successful job seeking strategies from thousands of leading books and career counselors to make job hunting simple.

Writing Killer Resumes and Cover Letters

Give Them What They Want (Through Words Alone)

Did you know that employers often want things they never even mention in their job description? How do you know what they need? Weíll show you. There are universal assumptions you should proactively address in your resume and cover letter. How can you show them youíre honest, ethical and sincere? This book explores ways you can show your employer exactly what you can offer Ė beyond your skill set.

It answers questions like:

  • How can I confidently discuss salary requirements?
  • How can I compete with in-state candidates if Iím willing to relocate?
  • How can I get the best career, academic and personal references?
  • What reasons should I give for leaving my last job before they assume the worst?

This book helps you understand the hiring managerís position. It puts you in their mind, showing you exactly what theyíre looking for and who they want to hire. Should they invest thousands of dollars on you? Will you help their company succeed? How long is too long? What sets you apart from the others? Itís all so easy, once you learn the lessons in this amazing book.

Youíll Learn:

  • What employers look for in a resume, and how to highlight your best assets
  • Whatís the best format and length, emphasizing your worth without overwhelming your reader
  • How to create an entry-level resume, so you get off to the right start from day one
  • How to make short-term jobs look good, so they never question your motivation
  • What questions you need to answer so employers donít make the wrong assumptions
  • How to write specifically for the job to get the strongest response rates
  • Where and how to post online resumes
  • Best practice in sending follow-up letters
  • The importance of keeping your resume updated Ė easily
  • The difference between a chronological and a functional resume Ė and which style you need
  • How to create a killer cover letter, so employers pay attention to your resume
  • What mistakes people frequently make on their resume, and ways to avoid them

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Find out exactly what employers want to see and start scheduling the interviews you need. Find out ways you can research the company to ensure itís the right atmosphere for you. Learn how to format your resume for web or email submission so it doesnít appear garbled and unprofessional when received. Youíll even get sample thank you letters, effortlessly adaptable to your particular needs. Whether youíre just starting out or a seasoned professional, you canít afford to send another resume out without reading the valuable lessons available in this complete career guide: Writing Attention-Grabbing Resumes.

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