"Here's Your Opportunity To Create Unlimited HIGH Quality Covers Instantly At The Push Of The Button And Save Up To $99.00 Per Cover!"

NO Waiting And NO Fancy Graphic Designing Gizmo, Knowledge & Experience Required - As Long As You Can Scroll And Click, You TOO Can Design Superb Covers For Your Digital Products!

Introducing The Awfully-Simple-But-Superb Cover Designing System:


Finally! You Can Now Churn Out Unlimited Instant HIGH Quality 3D Covers The Push Of The Button Style!

That's right. I'm going to give you a system that will take your flat covers and do the "3D" work for you! All you need to have is Adobe Photoshop program installed in your computer and this turnkey package and you'll be on way to design unlimited superb covers for your own!

So, let's take a sneak peak under the lid:

Component 1:
4 Awesome Photoshop Action Scripts

You receive four (4) Adobe Photoshop Action Scripts that can take your flat designs and turn them into awesome HIGH quality, 3-Dimension E-covers - instantly!

With these action scripts, you can create covers for your:

  • E-Book,
  • Box Cover,
  • Compact Disc (CD), and even
  • Membership Pass!

As these scripts come in .ATN format, you only need Adobe Photoshop program installed in your hard drive in order to use them. (Version CS2 and above is recommended for maximum usage of these scripts!)

Imagine, creating covers like these at the push of the button!

And believe it or not, you only need to take 3 easy steps in churning out superb covers like those shown above! Here's how:

Step #1: Load the action script of your choice in Adobe Photoshop.

Step #2: Insert the cover of your choice.

Step #3: Push the button and let the script do all the action for you!

It really is that simple! But in order to make full use of these awesome action scripts, you need to have...

Component 2:
EASY 3D Cover Designs Quick Start Hand Book

17 Letter-Size Pages, PDF Format, Instant Download

You will also receive a quick start guide to using the action scripts. This is especially helpful if this is your first time using Adobe Photoshop scripts. My manual will show you how YOU can easily use the scripts - step by step - and I can confidently guarantee you'll be able to grasp all of what you need to know about using the scripts to design your covers for you under 60 minutes, possibly half an hour.

The guide is written in "easy to understand" English as all the technical jargons have been stripped off so you don't have to worry even if English is NOT your first language!

But wait, there's more!

Component 3:
20 Professionally Designed Pre-Made Cover Templates

Don't want to create your own cover templates from scratch? No problem! Together with the action scripts and manual, you will also receive over 20 professionally pre-made cover templates you can use and edit for your own!


  • 5 E-book covers,
  • 5 Box covers,
  • 5 CD covers, and
  • 5 Membership Pass covers!

With these 20 PSD covers, you can edit anyhow you like or simply change the text to suit your preference! And to wrap up the offer, here's something you'll find very useful for your cover design purpose:

Component 4:
Bonus! 30 Fancy, Funky Fonts (FREE!)

I have searched and collected over 30 cool, FREE fonts online that you can use in your cover designs, too!

That should save you time in searching or buying funky fonts. Also, you don't have to rely on using the same, ole' default fonts installed in your computer, adding more variety to your cover designs!

  • The amount of money you save in hiring graphic designers to design covers for every digital product you release!

  • The amount of time and effort you save in creating your own covers rather than using conventional and manual methods!

  • The learning curve you get to skip - as long as you can scroll and click the mouse, your covers are guaranteed. NO gizmo design knowledge needed.

  • The amount of money you can make! As products are created around the clock, you can charge product creators anywhere from $50.00 to $99.00 per cover design! Create 10 covers a day, and you could possibly make at least $500.00! This is a very lucrative income opportunity as creating a cover takes only a few minutes and the 3D work can be performed by the scripts instantly!

Awesome, isn't it? So...

How Much Is Easy 3D Cover Designs?

You can secure your own copy of this power-packed cover design package at a one-time price of 12.95. That's already a steal let alone a bargain, since you can create unlimited covers for your own at no additional cost. Or you can cover your investment in at least 2 cover design work for your product creator clients!

Whichever way you want to use the script, it's obviously a BIG win for you!

These PS Action Scripts have been created for use with Adobe Photoshop CS2
No guarantee is made as to whether older versions of Adobe Photoshop can support the usage of the scripts.

Download Now : £12.95

Format: Action Scripts for Adobe Photoshop CS2
File Size: 7mb approx.
* Please note - You need to have Adobe Photoshop CS2 to be able to use these Action Scripts *

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