Instinct Vs. Man – Dog Training and Understanding Video

You won’t find better information in such a fun format anywhere!

Dear Dog Lover ,

Feel like your dog lives to drive you bonkers? That he just doesn’t get what you’re saying no matter how loudly you scream?

Have you ever found yourself wondering what the secret is behind talking to your dog… and having him actually know what you mean?

Do you feel like you’re flying blind as a dog owner, in spite of having read every dog training and obedience book out there?

You don’t have to feel like this.

You can do something about it…

And that something is right here at your desk.

You need:

“Instinct Vs. Man”

Why Your Dog Thinks and Acts the Way He Does.

a 35-minute audio visual presentation

We may pamper our dogs like never before with pedicures, clothing, and big, cushy beds that are even nicer than our own, but we still know that we need to show our dogs who’s really boss…

But do you know how to do that without alienating your dog?

Dog owners everywhere struggle with this question constantly, and the result is a world full of family dogs who claim the furniture, take front row at dinnertime, and generally rule the roost. Do you know how to interact with your dog every day in a way that establishes you as the leader of the pack but still your pooch’s best bud?

Details about this, eating, playtime, discipline, training, and more are instantly available to help you create a warm, fun, loving, and peaceful environment between your entire family… including your canine companion.

Learn how your dog thinks AND how to work with that thought process rather than against it, and learn along with an entertaining, interesting cartoon presentation!


If you think that this is going to be some long, boring lecture…

If you think that you’ll be drooling on your keyboard within 2 minutes…

If you think that your money is better spent at yet another obedience class…

You’re Dead Wrong…..

You’ve seen all of those other dog owners at the dog park and the vet’s office.

They seem to have some sort of telepathic relationship with their dogs and relate perfectly to them. You’ve been through training classes, books, and everything else to try and help you and your dog achieve the same relationship. You’re tired of spending money on things that work for a week and ends up with you red in the face from screaming at your dog… again. Why not improve your relationship by changing the way you relate to your pup on a daily basis, and learn how to do it in a fun, entertaining way without ever leaving home?

Here is just a fraction of what you’ll find in this dog lover’s dream audio visual presentation…


  • Why You Can’t Read Your Dog’s Thoughts… But How to Come Pretty Close! (The secret is in the introduction!)
  • How Pampering Your Dog Can Sabotage Your Relationship. (Section 1)
  • How the “pack mentality” affects everything your dog does, from eating to sleeping and everything in between. (Section 1)
  • 3 Exercises to Help Establish Yourself as the Alpha Dog. (Section 1)
  • Why you should never ever ever ever ever ever apologize to your dog. (Section 1)
  • 2 Things That are Your Dog’s Biggest Rewards… and are Right In Front of You. (Section 1)
  • How you can tell if your dog knows who’s boss. (Section 1)
  • Why You Shouldn’t Say NO… and what to do instead! (Section 1)
  • 2 games that should be completely off-limits during playtime… and why. (Section 2)
  • 1 Game That’s Virtually Foolproof. (Section 2)
  • The biggest disciplinary mistake owners make. (Section 3)
  • Why You Should Never Hit Your Dog… it goes way beyond just violence! (Section 3)
  • Why your disciplinary methods aren’t working, and what to do instead. (Section 3)
  • Why Your Dog Chows Down Like It’s Going Out of Style, and How to Use That to Your Advantage. (Section 4)
  • How often you should be feeing your dog. (Section 4)
  • What Your Dog Thinks When You Refill His Food Dish. (Section 4)
  • The reason he sleeps all day long and acts like he’s insane when you come home. (Section 5)
  • Your Responsibility in Your Dog’s Sleeping Habits. (Section 5)
  • What your dog is dreaming! (Section 5)
  • The #1 Point About Canine Territory. (Section 6)
  • What other dogs can find out about your dog… by sniffing his urine. (Section 6)
  • How to Know When Your Dog is Testing You, and How to Pass with Flying Colors! (Section 6)
  • The #1 rule about choosing a dog. (Section 7)
  • Why Breeds Act the Way They Do. (Section 7)
  • How to break your purebred of that nasty habit. (Section 7)
  • 4 Training Commands and How to Use Instinct to Your Benefit. Section 8
  • Why some trainers’ methods for teaching commands aren’t practical. Section 8
  • 3 Keywords You Should Use During Training. Section 8

Check out the format…

You’ll agree that the best thing about this presentation is its look.

  • 35 Minutes of Pure Audio Visual Gold – It’s like a full colour, full screen movie right on your computer screen.
  • Great Illustrations – Fun, colorful characters (both human and canine) to act out the points in the presentation.
  • Animation – What good are cartoons if they don’t move?
  • Upbeat, Clear Narration – No droning, boring lecture voice here!
  • Simple Structure – The presentation is divided into 9 distinct sections, so you can watch them all at once or in installments.
  • Easy Viewing – No clicking through websites or slides. The work is all done for you, you just sit back, watch, and relax!

Best of all…

It’s totally digital!

That means…

  • You don’t have to make room on your video shelves or in your CD wallet,
  • But you can burn it to a CD if you want (either one section or all of them),
  • You choose what you want to watch and when, and
  • The entire presentation is automated, which means you don’t have to navigate anything while you’re watching.

Sound pretty good so far?

Well I’ve left the Best Till Now!

You can download this 35-minute Dog Training
audio visual presentation ‘Instinct Vs. Man’

for just £4.95

Number of video files : 9
Format : Windows Media Audio / Video files (.wmv)
Running Time : 35 mins approx.
Total File Size : 110mb approx.