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Living With Diabetes!

When you’re diagnosed with Diabetes, you can feel completely overwhelmed, confused and depressed. It’s frightening, especially when you're told how your life is going to change. Doctors can’t always answer all of the questions that arise, leaving many diabetics unsure where they can turn.

You are not alone. In fact 20.8 million individuals are diagnosed with Diabetes each year in the United States. That’s an astounding seven percent of the population! An additional 41 million are considered pre-diabetic, which means they have marked metabolic difficulties. Many people go undiagnosed for several years. If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes, then in many ways you have been fortunate - you now have the chance to make some changes in your lifestyle that can not only prevent complications but increase your overall health.

Whether you, your child, spouse or someone you love was diagnosed with the disease, you need your questions answered. When you know what to expect, the journey is a little less frightening. That’s why we’ve developed the comprehensive new ebook Living With Diabetes.

In just a few minutes, you can learn:

  • Exactly What Diabetes Is

  • How To Prevent It

  • Its Symptoms And Diagnosis

  • Common Complications

  • Common Medications And Natural Remedies

  • Important Facts About Glucose Level Testing

  • How Diabetes Effects Your Feet, Skin, Teeth And Eyes

  • Ways You Can Treat Low Blood Sugar

  • Ways You Can Help Yourself

  • Plus So Much More!

Type 1, Type 2, Gestational, Pre-diabetes? It’s So Confusing!

Diabetes is a unique disease that requires continual self-treatment. So it’s critical that you know and understand your diagnosis, what’s required of you and why. Living With Diabetes gives you thorough explanations in plain, clear and simple English. You’ll find out what each diagnosis means, what you can expect and what’s expected of you. You’ll learn about common risk factors, known cures and popular treatments available. Find out what indicators signify metabolic syndrome, giving you a higher risk of heart attack, diabetes and stroke. We’ll explain to you what complications can arise. Find out what lifestyle changes are doctor-recommended to keep Diabetes under control.

Learn Treatments and Remedies To Control or Alleviate Diabetes

From Calcium to Chromium, we’ll show you remedies that address your symptoms and ways to help relieve your pain. Living With Diabetes breaks down each treatment plan based on your specific diagnosis.

Do you understand the ins and outs of diabetic glucose level testing? You need to. Its one of the most important self-care treatments at your disposal. We’ll show you the importance of routine glucose level testing and those your physician can perform for you. Stop wondering and worrying. Get the answers you need, today.


  • Simple ways to control blood sugar levels

  • Crucial daily diet and exercise adjustments

  • Exact procedures for testing blood glucose

  • Times to test – and when you should increase frequency

Find Out Step-by-step Self-care Plans Specifically

Designed For Diabetics

Living With Diabetes gives you exceptional tips and techniques you may have never even considered. This ebook shows you simple ways to improve your circulation, prevent infection and disease. We’ll show you signs to look for that may signify trouble, and when you should see a qualified physician or professional.

Take the next step in your own self-care plan. Download Living With Diabetes today and read it / print it from your computer. Listen to the Audiobook. Refer back to it time-and-time again as questions arise. You can regain your life again.

Living With Diabetes Audio Book


In addition to the ebook version, you'll also be getting the audio book version to download. Upload it to your ipod, listen on your computer, or even burn it to cd!

Listen To An Audio Excerpt

Plus, Order Today And Get These Bonuses Absolutely FREE!

Additional Bonus #1 The Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet to Diabetics Report



Diabetics must choose any food they eat very carefully, as each food choice they make has a profound impact on their overall health on a meal-to-meal basis.

A sample two-day vegetarian menu is also included.

Additional Bonus #2 - High Cholestoral Concerns in Diabetic Patients
Audio Report

If you have diabetes, a condition in which the body and the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, you may be at risk for vision problems, about which your doctor has probably warned you already. Recently, it has been discovered that if you also have high cholesterol, you are much more likely to be visually effected due to your diabetes.

Additional Bonus #3

The Diabetic Cook Book

'The Diabetic Cook Book' gives you an huge collection of over 500 recipes! You don't even have to be a Diabetic to enjoy these recipes, anyone wanting to cut down on the sugar in their diet will benefit from these recipes!

Download Now : £9.95


Format: MP3 Audio & PDF Ebook
Length: 60 minutes approx.
File Size: 95mb approx.

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