Compleat Angler (Complete) Izaak Walton & C. Cotton


First Day

1. A Dialogue between Piscator (an Angler), Venator (a Hunter), and Auceps (a Falconer).

Second Day

2. Of the Otter, Otter-hunting, and Observations about the Habits of the Chub.

Third Day

3. How to fish for and cook the Chavender or Chub.
4. Observations of the Nature and Breeding of the Trout, and how to fish for him; and the Milk-maid's song.
5. More directions how to fish for, and how to make for the Trout and artificial Minnow and Flies; with some Merriment.

Fourth Day

6. Observations of the Umber of Grayling; and Directions how to fish for him.
7. Observations of the Salmon; with Directions how to fish for him.
8. Observations of the Luce or Pike; with Directions how to fish for him.
9. Observations of the Carp; with Directions how to fish for him.
10. Observations of the Bream; and Directions to catch him.
11. Observations of the Tench; and Advice how to angle for him.
12. Observations of the Perch; and Directions how to fish for him.
13. Observations of the Eel, and other fish that want scales: and how to fish for them.
14. Observations of the Barbel; and Directions how to fish for him.
15. Observations of the Gudgeon, the Ruffe, and the Bleak; and how to fish for them.
16. Is of Nothing, or that which is Nothing worth.

Fifth (last) Day

17. Of Roach and Dace, and how to fish for them; and of Cadis.
18. Of the Minnow or Penk, of the Loach, and of the Bull-Head or Miller's Thumb.
19. Of Several Rivers; and some Observations of Fish.
20. Of Fish-Ponds, and how to order them.
21. Directions for making of a Line, and for the colouring of both Rod and Line.


Being instructions how to angle for Trout or Grayling in a clear stream.

First Day

1,2, & 3 A Dialogue between Piscator Junior (Cotton) and Viator (Venator).

4. Angling at the 'Top', at the 'Middle', and at the 'Bottom'.
5. Of Fly-Fishing and Fly-Making.
6. A practical Lesson on Fly-Fishing for Trout and Grayling.
7. Lists of Artificial Flies for the months of January, February, March, April and May; showing also how to dib or dape with the Green-Drake or May-Fly, and how to make that famous Fly artificially.
8. Of the Stone-Fly; also a List of Flies for June, July, August, September, October, November and December: with some good remarks on the Green-Drake and Stone Fly, and on Poaching.

Third (last) Day

9. A short Dialogue, and a Lapse in Angling on the part of Piscator. Viator fishes successfully by himself.
10. Showing how Trout and Grayling are best cooked.
11. Teaches the Art of Angling at the Bottom with Worms, Grubs, and Cadis.
12. Contains directions touching Angling at the Middles with a Minnow for Trout, and with a Worm, Grub or Cadis for a Grayling.


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