How To Make $100,000 a Year Selling Out-of Print, Rare and Collectible Books on the Internet!

Author: David Vallieres


The “New” Book Market
Why books?
How Condition Makes A Book Valuable
The Importance of Book Condition
How To Describe Books Accurately so They Sell Instantly
More On Book Descriptions
Frequently Questions Regarding Rare and Important Books
What kinds of books are usually not rare?
Is a signed book by the author or inscriptions of a previous owner valuable?
First Indications That A Book Is Collectible and Maybe Even Valuable
Additional Random Thoughts on Identifying First Editions and Book Values
Unique Identifying Methods
Identifying First Editions Using Reference Books
Two “Golden Secrets” That Make Certain Books 500 Times More Valuable Than Their Cover Price
Specific Areas To Deal In
Americana Bibliography
Science Fiction Bibliography
Reference Bibliography for Used Books
What To Include In Your Inventory
Which Authors Bring The Most Money?
Books To Stay Away From
Non-Fiction Areas That Sell Well
Understanding Book Values and Pricing
Condition, Supply & Demand Relative to Value
Places To Buy Used and Rare Books
How To Sell Your Books on The Internet
Ways of Selling Your Inventory Besides The Internet
General Rules for Operating as a Dealer of Used and Rare Books
Marketing in the Real World
Why People Buy A Product or Service
How To Get Good Results in Your New Business
Planning Your Business So You Almost Always Get Good Results
Low Cost, Effective Marketing Tips
Successful Business Strategies
Putting it all together
What Specialization Can Do For You
Here’s How To Make $100,000 A Year
How to Safely Ship Your Books To Dealers, Collectors
Book Size Description Terms
Book Size Descriptions Commonly Used By Book Dealers On The Internet
Yet More Book Condition Description Terms
Glossary of Book Terms

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