Bees and their Management – An Introduction To Bee Keeping

Bees and Their Management – An Introduction To Bee Keeping

Who should keep Bees
Brief Natural History of Bees
Of Hives
Subduing Bees
Enemies of Bees
The Italian Bee
How to change Colonies of Black Bees to Italians
How to introduce an Italian Queen to a Native Colony in the Safest Way
Time and Manner of Making Artificial Swarms
How to change Bees without Loss from Common to Movable Frame Hives
Storing Honey in Boxes
Value of Comb
Bee Palaces, or Non-Swarming Hives
Bee Pasturage
Feeding Bees
Wintering Bees
Uniting two or more Colonies of Bees
Prevention of Drone Rearing
Age of Queens
Best Way to rear Italian Queens

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